Herbs - The Natural Summer Air Conditioner Part 1

Hibiscus - The fresh or dry hibiscus cups have a number of active ingredients such as: vegetable mucus, vitamin C anti-bacterial antiseptics, antioxidants for maintaining healthy blood vessels and citric acid. The plant is constricted, diuretic, anti-bacterial, aids digestion, lowers heat and soothes the skin. For heat load relief use a cold brewing of the flower cups which causes the secretion of citric acid which cools and facilitates heat load. The citric acid pumps blood onto the skin, expands the pores and helps to cool the body. In the red and sour hibiscus cups, we recommend using in the summer season for their ability to help cool the body in a variety of ways:

• Add them fresh to vegetable and fruit salads.

• Forfeit them and get a sour red fruit infusion

• Add them to sour fruit cakes.

• Prepare jam jars and cold jelly and cooler.


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