Herbs - The Natural Summer Air Conditioner Part 2

Mint - To cool with a peppermint, you can brew it or chop it into a salad and or breathe it in - breathe ...The mechanism it activates is for oil fragrances called menthol and are found to act on cold-sensitive cell edges and increase their sensitivity. Eating mint in a closed mouth will not make you feel fresh, but the inhalation of air later on will affect the nerve endings and create a strong cold feeling. Our recommendation is to brew and drink mint in the summer and of course prepare ice cubes that can be added to cold drinks. Rubbing ice cubes our bodies will activate the menthol cooling system. It is a well-known herbal medicine and is used to help the respiratory system for digestive problems of local pain such as headache and more. There are many varieties of peppermint and we are talking today about a peppermint called acute and containing more than the other sexless.

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