How to overcome Hangover

Hangover, is a late result of drinking alcohol:

  • Fatigue and depression
  • Slow response
  • Nervousness
  • Dizziness •
  •  Headaches
  • Thirst
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Depression
  • Head presses pulse and explodes
  • Drowsiness
  • High sensitivity to light and noise

 These are some of the symptoms that will last for a day to a day and a half after drinking. Hangover is a phrase that basically means - unfinished business. We had a good time at night but the business is not over, there is still a price to pay

The scientific explanation:

why is it happening ? And who is to blame?

 Guilt number one - Ethanol

It is a substance found in the drink and causes increased diarrhea and dehydrating effect. Dehydration will cause fatigue and dry mouth. Dehydration will cause minimal shrinkage of brain tissue from the skull and headaches. Dehydration will also irritate the gastric mucosa and then we will feel nauseous.

 Guilt number two - Alcohol

Alcohol initially causes the capillaries (tiny blood vessels) in the skin to dilate. Later the capillaries will shrink and the price? a headache caused by dilation and rapid narrowing of blood vessels in the head. Another general effect of alcohol will be a sharp decrease in the absorption capacity of vitamins and minerals and especially calcium and B12, whose deficiency affects our body activity immediately, may even lead to depression.

Guilt number three - The products of the breakdown of alcohol in the liver 

When the liver breaks down alcohol, its breakdown products may be more harmful than the alcohol itself

The unloading of a large amount of alcohol by the liver at once creates a metabolic load and the accumulation of these intermediate products in the body.

This accumulation, which mainly includes the substances acetylhydes and acetic acid, will affect the nervous system as an inhibitor and cause a sharp drop in blood sugar levels due to the liver's temporary difficulty in supplying glucose to the body's cells.

We will feel as a result a slowdown in reactions, fatigue, lack of concentration, irritability, worries and anxiety, depression and mood swings as well as high light and noise.

 Guilty number four -NADA 

Its excretion is increased while drinking alcohol and it is considered a substance that accelerates and enhances chemical processes in our body cells. Its increased production will cause nausea, hunger and weakness.

 Guilty number five - Us.

All in all we went out to have fun and our fun was caught along with the whole body for this filthy grievance. Who prepared us and informed us of the dangers? Not to mention immediate effects on behavior and driving.

 How to overcome grievances, before, during and after drinking

Grandma's bundle of tips:

1) Drink plenty of water to dilute the alcohol

2) Make a smoothie with ginger and sabers: Anti-nausea smoothie and supplements and vitamins and deficiencies on the basis of which a US start-up is developed on the subject.

3) Add Cinnamon to your meal/drink

4) Eat a nutritious and light carbohydrate meal to return glucose to the blood

5) Drink/add Matcha to bring back all the health benefits to your body

6) Eat two bananas to supplement vitamin deficiencies and especially calcium and potassium

7) Drink Green Tea with cinnamon to give your body energy and lots of B12

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