India - The Spice Subcontinent part 1

The uniqueness of Indian cuisine is in the huge variety of spices used as a base for cooking and holiday dishes. The main raw materials are mainly vegetables, legumes, yogurt and sometimes meat.

The spices are processed and added to the stew in two main ways: ground and diluted with water, or lightly fried in a pan when whole and added whole or ground and especially in a wide variety of blends.

 According to traditional Indian medicine, there is a connection between body, mind and food. The proliferation of spices in Indian foods happens because Indians believe that they heal the body and mind.

Senses- All the senses work in an encounter with the spices. We find ourselves tasting smells and looking at the dishes with great interest.

Multiple flavours - In the centre of the meal is the rice, legumes or potatoes. The sauces and meat are found to be seasoned and differ in colours, aromas and flavors.

The Indians believe that at every meal all kinds of taste options should be activated. Multiplicity of flavours will affect a wide range of systems and will achieve many benefits. Each dish will have its own seasoning mixture and you will usually call Garam Masala for fish, meat, chicken, rice, legumes and more.


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