The Power Of Spices part 1

Winning the routine naturally! If you too are running around all day around your own tail, this article was written just for you. From today you too can start to face the difficulties, in your home kitchen! Here, around the spices, infusions and herbs you will learn to deal with all the health and mental difficulties that modern life poses to us and create for yourself a home plant cabinet that will help you overcome the abrasive routine, Naturally! 

Be your own doctors. Your home medicine cabinet will be used to treat pain and illness. Imagine you had a home medicine cabinet, the use of which would strengthen, store and prevent the same pains and diseases! This is not a magic cabinet, but a cabinet of herbs and spices, the use of which will significantly contribute to your health and quality of life. In this article I have collected a number of plants that must be in your natural and home medicine cabinet.

Seeds to supplement deficiencies:

Collect seeds of plants that are mostly spices and some from a botanical family such as anise, coriander, cumin, and fennel. To these seeds add whole sesame seeds, flax, fennel, fenugreek, chia, quinoa and more. These seeds will allow you to supplement deficiencies of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants and are highly recommended for continuous and regular use. The healthiest seed of all seeds is fennel.

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