The Power of Spices Part 2

Water is important, but if you are already drinking water, add herbs! The variety of options is huge and the decomposition that breaks down the plants in water, gives our body many health benefits.

For the winter, pour boiling water into a thermos and put (together or separately) a variety of herbs that can be grown most days of the year and also in winter, under greenhouse conditions: Lemon Verbena, mint, sage, thyme, lemon, melissa, mini .

For every pint of boiling water use a handful of fresh herbs or a tablespoon of dried herbs. Drink from the infusion throughout the day and thus allow the body to warm up and deal with the winter crises. You can add honey or the sweet plant stevia. It is recommended to vary and prepare different infusions every few days.

Among the dried plants you can add to the infusions cardamom pods, fresh ginger or dried turmeric fresh or dried, cinnamon, fresh or dried rosemary, hot chili and even rose flowers.

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