The Power of Spices part 3

Another effective way to include plants in your health menu is to include them in oil - preferably olive oil. The extraction of the plants in the oil causes them to transfer the soluble substances in the oil and thus the oil gains additional health properties.

How to use?

Fill jars with a volume of a quarter of a liter of herbs or spices up to a third of the height. Recommended spices for use are fennel, chili, rosemary, basil, dried cherry tomatoes and cumin. You can add several spices together. Fill the jars with olive oil and close them tightly. After a few weeks the oil will change color and shape and become an oil with additional health benefits that are extracted from the plant while you will enjoy a series of decorative jars for the kitchen.Leave the plants in the oil jars and mix oil at a time as an addition to foods such as salad or cheese. When the oil runs out in the jars, take out the spices or herbs and use them as well. 

Please share!

The theory of spices and herbs is the result of knowledge that has been accumulated over thousands of years. Now it's your turn to document the home plant closet experience for future generations. Take a notebook, write down what you created with the help of the plants and how they affected your health. Go for a walk with the children, this is the plants, share with the children the process of collecting the plants, preparation and use and thus give your children the infrastructure for a healthier life as adults, we will be happy for you to share with us as well.
All the plants mentioned in the article can be obtained as dried plants in specialty stores, or grow them in the garden and dry them yourself

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