Majadara Rice Seasoning

Majadara Rice Seasoning


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When it’s time to make a tasty meal for the whole family and you want to impress, Majadara Rice Seasoning is exactly what you need! You’re guaranteed to get compliments after everyone tries this delicious blend of dried fried onions, turmeric, cumin, fried lentils and more.

Majadra rice seasoning is also an excellent source of manganese and magnesium. These are used to flavor food, but research shows they're chock-full of healthy compounds and may have amazing health benefits.


Key Features:

  • Crispy mixture for white rice from the Middle Eastern kitchen
  • Contains: Dried fried Onions, Turmeric, Cumin, fried lentils and more
  • Amazing flavor and texture


For Best Results:

  1. Add the mixture at the start
  2. Fry with the rice for best results
  3. Cook for 20min on low heat until the rice is soft and ready
  4. Can be added to salads and cheese
  5. For every 1 cup of rice add 1/2 cup of mixture