Onion and Herbs Seasonings for Salad

Onion and Herbs Seasonings for Salad

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The bright, robust flavors in this Onion and Herbs Seasoning are so refreshing for your taste buds especially when combined with a rich steak or salmon. The mixture is a wonderful blend of dried fried onions, sesame seeds, brown sesame, parsley and dill.

 The ingredients involved give it strong antibacterial properties and promote digestive health, which may improve immune function. Once you try it on your salad, it will become your new go-to! This seasoning is a great choice if you are having company over as the taste is sure to impress everyone in attendance.


Key Features:

  • Beautiful flavor seasoning for your everyday salad
  • Contains: Dried fried onions, Sesame seeds, Brown sesame, Parsley and Dill

Healthy and delicious mixture