BBQ Lamb and Steak seasoning

BBQ Lamb and Steak seasoning

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For a health-conscious individual, the right seasonings can enhance the flavor of a meal without adding salt, sugar, fat, or calories. Spices and seasonings also have similar antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to fruits and vegetables, so they are good for you. However, most people usually add spices to food to make it taste better, not because it's a healthy choice.

Purchasing the right grilling seasonings are vital to your neighborhood ranking. It can transform your status from weekend barbecuer to grill master in a single meal. That’s why this wonderful blend of seasonings is a must-have to make your lamp and steak impossible to resist!


Key Features:

  • Blend of lamb and steak seasonings
  • Contains: Moss, Oregano, Parsley, Rosmary, Black pepper, Garlic, English Pepper, Dried onions and Herbs
  • High-quality ingredients