Long Cinnamon sticks

Long Cinnamon sticks

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The Long Cinnamon Sticks are hand-rolled, soft, and break or crumble easily. Each cinnamon stick measures 4 inches in length. These cinnamon sticks suit all your baking or cinnamon needs. The cinnamon is also commonly referred to as Mexican cinnamon or true cinnamon, it is lighter in flavor and aroma than other varieties of cinnamon and plays a supporting role in recipes rather than taking center stage as other types of cinnamon do.

These quills are made from the bark of special trees. Once broken, these cinnamon quills give off the sweet aroma that can be described as light, floral, with hints of citrus. These cinnamon sticks provide all-natural, true cinnamon freshness.

Key Features:

  • 4'' long and can be used in various ways
  • Perfect for your Apple cider drink, favorite coffee, or iced tea
  • Can be found in Asia, South and Central America and Madagascar