New York Steak Seasoning

New York Steak Seasoning

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Knock dinner out of the park with this New York Steak Seasoning! This steak seasoning is perfect for taking your simple grilled steak to the next level! We all know salt and pepper is all a good steak really needs, but this homemade steak seasoning adds bold flavor that'll have your guests asking for more.

 A delightful combination of all-natural garlic, tomatoes, and savory spices add a delightful flavor to your favorite steak without hiding the natural flavor that you love! It gives just the right amount of sweet and spicy flavor to a New York Steak that can turn a simple meal into a mouthwatering event.


Key Features:

  • A typical New York blend for Steak
  • Contains: Black Pepper, Mustard, Cilantro, seeds, Tomatoes, pepper, Dill and Garlic

Makes your steak taste amazing